Privacy Notice

This privacy statement describes how the BBC will process personal information which it collects from you in connection with Your Somme.

You should read this statement carefully and ensure that you are happy with the way that your personal information will be used before you sign into Your Somme. If you are under 16 years old please get your parent/guardian’s permission before using Your Somme.

You can provide the BBC with certain personal information via the Your Somme dialog box.

When you agree to this permission, the BBC will only use this personal information for Your Somme.

You can share Your Somme via Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or by the unique Your Somme URL, however please note that such sharing will include your date of birth and other personal information.

Your Somme needs to store your personal data so that the Your Somme URL can be seen by those you may choose to share it with even once you’ve signed out of Facebook.

Why is the BBC Processing Your Personal Data?

We use your personal information you provide us to make Your Somme as personal as possible to you.

Your Somme has been created for the BBC’s Connected Studio by a partner third party developer who may also have access to your information but they will only use that information in accordance with the BBC's instructions and not for their own purposes.

Your personal data for Your Somme will be processed by the BBC in a third-party cloud service. All personal information stored for Your Somme will be securely deleted at the end of the Your Somme pilot on Taster.

The BBC’s online privacy policy applies to Your Somme except as described above.

Please note that Facebook, Twitter and Google operate their own privacy policy and terms and conditions. These are different to the BBC’s privacy policy and Online Terms of Use; specifically, these third parties may use your information for their own business purposes. You should ensure that you are happy to agree to their terms and conditions and their use of your personal data in accordance with their privacy policy, before using Your Somme.

Further information on the BBC’s online privacy policy can be found here: Privacy policy.

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